Iran Marine Fund is a specialized state‑owned enterprise which is affiliated with the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran.

The Fund has been established to achieve sustainable development of marine industries of the country.  The Fund (IMF) has been in operation since 2012. The company is a major player in shipbuilding and repair, supply chain development, marine services, investment in new building infrastructure, global partnership, and many other activities pertinent to marine and maritime industries in the Fa Gulf and Caspian Sea area.  The IMF has a solid connection with a vast number of Iranian shipping companies, marine engineering firms, and shipbuilding companies through which joint venture projects are being carried out.

The Iran Marine Fund provides not only financial support and advisory services to the development program of the marine industries in Iran, but also provides funds for regional and global activities pertinent to marketing and export or import of the manufactured marine goods and equipment.

The IMF is fully prepared to provide financial as well as technical assistance to the regional and global companies for joint venture projects in the marine and maritime industries in Iran’s territory.

Further information can be obtained via telephone or fax numbers, provided here, to explore possibilities of joint cooperation in the field of marine industries.