The partnership policy of IMF is designed to guide the process for foreign investors, international ship builders, global marine industries, and governmental entities of foreign countries in their desire to partner with the Iranian marine and maritime in
dustries, governmental or private sector entities.

A major component in exploring any potential partnership for the IMF, will be to identify additional collaborating partners for the Iranian private sector companies whose major field of their activities is marine industries in order to provide a synergistic working relationship in terms of resources, knowledge, and technology transfer. The partnership should be, of course, mutually beneficial for all partners including the Iranian government.


We at IMF believe that there are a number of advantages in partnering with big companies and giant holdings in the field of marine industries outside Iran. These advantages include inspiring great ideas pertinent to marine industries, providing venues to help business and transfer of technology in this field and etc. 


Investment Policy of IMF


The purpose of investment policy procedure of IMF is not only to provide sufficient fund for the joint venture projects to start, but also to financially empower the Iranian enterprises in their development plans for the marine industries.Many of other advantages of working in partnership are graphically shown here


 Major principles of the IMF investment policies are:

  • The direct investment of IMF usually does not exceed 20% of the project.
  • The joint venture project or partnership should be solely relevant to  marine industries of Iran leading to further development of this sector via empowering the shipping industries of the country.
  • IMF is willing to negotiate viable deals with the foreign investors who are interested to participate in the development plans of the shipping industries.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us via the following addresses to inquire about the detailed plan of action for available joint venture project .   



 Iran Marine Fund, therefore, encourages international investors and marine related industries to participate in development activities of a vast number of flourishing projects, and some lucrative business opportunities including import and export deals of the marine related goods and products in the Fa Gulf region.