Iran Marine Fund(IMF) is a State owned fund solely involved in the Marine and Maritime Industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

IMF has made it its policy to lend money, as a loan, to large  medium and small  enterprises working in the development areas of marine industries including ship building, ship repairs and boat manufacturing, in order to bring about positive and lasting improvements to the Iranian marine and maritime industries. While the broad principles of IMF lending and loan strategies are simple, putting them into practice consistently can sometime be challenging and time consuming. So, it’s vital that IMF clearly defines lending strategies and loan policies(primarily drawn from the strategic plans of banking organizations, financial institutions and the government) to guide the customers about the lending decisions.



A brief outline of lending strategies of IMF


  • Identifying sustainable sectors within the marine industries of Iran,

      where IMF can help the development plan of the enterprise..

  • Evaluating both the quality and the motivation of the company involved

     in a loan application.

  • Ensuring that selected projects meet the IMF criteria.

  • Since IMF has close ties with the Iranian Banks, the application for a

     loan should meet the minimum banking requirement as far as the

     guarantor for the loan is concerned.

  • IMF has the right to Closely monitor how the loan is actually used.


Further details of our loan strategies can be obtained via contacting us directly at the telephone and fax numbers provided. IMF offers its customers the possible support in every way, and in all phases of a project. We are particularly supportive of activities pertinent to technology transfer of cutting edge innovative projects in the maritime sector of Iran.

We also welcome all kinds of international partnership in the development plans of marine industries.